ill Imperial

ill Imperial - 5 - Beats & Thieves Ep

ill Imperial - 4 - Single Shot West

Concept Album #4:"Struggle".

First Full Album, songs tell a story of people migrating to "The West" in search of a better life, this album contains the hopes of an immigrant and the hardships they endure chasing The American Dream.

Limited Independent Release 2012.

ill Imperial - 3 - Rotten Apples Ep

Concept Album #3: "This is an Ode to the Dark-side, sweet melody of bad intentions, a ballad to the Villain".

This album personifies the tyranny of evil and its agents, men who don't fear death, only failure.

Limited Independent Release 2010.

ill Imperial - 2 - mr.Holiday Ep

Concept Album #2: "Go anywhere, do anything".

This free spirit mentality is personified in its supernatural champion: mr.Holiday. He was born to be down, born to explore and to indulge. The cover reveals that his vocals were cut out and used throughout the album.

Limited Independent Release 2008.

ill Imperial - 1 - Combo Drumm Ep

Concept Album #1: "Pain and Sacrifice".

This is the first release from ill Imperial. This is how our story begins...

Limited Interdependent Release 2006.