ill Imperial - Single Shot West (2012)

The First Full Album and our 4th release overall. 

The theme of this release is "struggle". Many of the songs refer to people migrating to the West in search of a better life, this album tries to describe their way of life and the hardships they endure.

ill Imperial - Rotten Apples Ep (2010)

This is an Ode to the Dark-side,

sweet melody of bad intentions,

a ballad to the Villain.

By this time as a band we knew that we had the freedom to explore the topics that we deemed interesting or unique. This album personifies the dark side and its agents, men who don't fear death, only failure. Written in the spirit of Hip-Hop, use of real Bass guitar, longer lyrical verses and stronger tighter drums. Third Independent release from ill Imperial.

ill Imperial - mr.Holiday Ep (2008)

"Go anywhere, do anything" party mentality is personified in its supernatural champion: mr.Holiday.

He was born to be down, born to explore and to indulge. His vocals were cut out and used in the album. This is our second record and because of that we felt like we could take it anywhere. Combo Drumm Ep happened almost all by itself, the band had just recently formed. We were feeling very adventurous and daring in our music.

ill Imperial - Combo Drumm Ep (2006)

This is the first release from ill Imperial.

The sound is more electronic/alternative than our current Hip-Hop, with heavy eastern European Influences. The albums main theme is "Pain and Sacrifice" and the cover features the tip of a Moscow monument to the Soviet Space Program. Limited Interdependent release in March 2006.